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McFarlane AMC's The Walking Dead "Merle Zombie" Action Figure


Ahhh Merle..........the one misunderstood bad guy who just needed some love!  The Walking Dead's Zombie Merle measures 5 inches tall by McFarlane Toys. Unopened in original packaging.

Merle Dixon is a fictional character from the horror drama television series The Walking Dead airing on AMC. He is introduced in the first season as a southern redneck hunter who has a younger brother, Daryl. He is misogynistic and racist which causes tensions between him and his group of survivors. Following an encounter with series protagonist Rick Grimes, Merle disappears and joins the community of Woodbury, Georgia where he becomes the right-hand man of The Governor. He becomes caught in the conflict between The Governor and Rick, especially when nobody in Rick's group wants him in the group except for Daryl.