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What is life without its distractions?
Life without enjoyment, without a lighter side is a heavy load to bear.  It is said that the simple things are what often create moments of joy and smiles to burdened faces.
 The silly, yellow, ceramic duck purchased with love by a six-year-old and given with great pride to the love of his life, Mommy, maintains a long-held position of great pride in the family room cabinet.
The Disney figurine perched atop the kitchen ledge elicits warm memories of the family trip to Disneyland so many years ago.  And the autographed photo of Dad’s favorite hockey legend was the best Christmas present ever!
Life’s simple pleasures are invaluable because they are intimately connected to people’s emotions, their inner “happy place.”
This is the essence of The Treasure Hunters. We specialize in the sale of previously owned new and gently used unique and interesting collectibles and memorabilia.  Located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, we provide you with opportunities to discover treasures of all kinds!  We like to think of ourselves as the place with something for everyone.
And the best part is our stock is always changing! It all depends on what we discover during our treasure hunting adventures! We hope you will enjoy hunting around our site as much as we have enjoyed collecting all of our treasures!