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Posted on March 14 2019



Oh my gosh!!  We've gone global!!  We received our first overseas order this morning!!  THIS IS AMAZING!!


It's also rather surreal.  When you start out dreaming about "what could be," the "what if" scenarios in this life, it can be difficult to imagine the details that make up the bigger picture.  I mean if you've never traveled a particular path previously, the experience part of your brain still remains to be wired.  There are those burned out headlights again!


I wonder at what point in history humans became so inclined toward cynicism.  What caused us to be wired for doubt?  How differently life would've unfolded had so many of us only believed, from the start, that anything is possible!


But we are all on our own journey, aren't we.  Todd and I both grew up believing life's "recipe" involved going to school, getting a good job, retaining that job for 40 years and retiring on the pension provided by that job.  And I guess that's how society was for certain generations......our parents specifically.


Then things started to change.  There came a rumor that the old age retirement fund that was supposed to be there once we reached that ripe, old status was, in fact, not to be.  So now what???


Perhaps that's when the creativity of the next generation began to evolve......when what we knew was no longer applicable.  Change course!  Think!!  Dream!!!  And here we are.......


So now we have a generation reaching, stretching for new heights but with weights of the past fastened securely to our ankles........weights that beg for caution, for familiarity and comforting ruts.


But wait!  What if!  What if we  are able to shed those weights!  What if the past can be left where it belongs, and an enlightened understanding of what COULD BE becomes our new reality!  After all, reality is in the mind of the thinker.  It always has been.


You know how teachers decorate the bulletin boards outside of their own classrooms?  I used to do up my bulletin board with the title "The World Is Your Oyster."  Then I would scour National Geographic magazines for the most interesting, unique, out-of-the-ordinary photos and plaster them all over the bulletin board.  Most people would stop in their tracks and peruse this collage of potential with dreamy imagination.  Man, I had the coolest pictures up there!


Todd and I have reached a point in our lives where we want to create our own collage.  We want to live by the ocean and the mountains all at the same time!  We want to explore mystic, National Geographic-worthy destinations!  We want to become a force of positive change in many, many lives.  Oh the treasures we could unearth!  AND WHY CAN'T WE??


All it really takes is a mind-shift, a plan and the courage to take the first step ........then the next...........and the next.  And if each step is the foundational support for the next one, then why wouldn't it be possible?  Do you have what it takes to take that next step?  WE DID!!


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