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Posted on April 25 2019



Have you ever noticed how EXPENSIVE it is to have something shipped to you after ordering online?  We know intimately what that's like.  It has affected us personally as well as our business.  Now that we own a business which depends on reliable shipping, we understand how it all works.


A product can be an awesome price, but the shipping is often the clincher in the decision to actually purchase.  As business owners, we feel your pain!  Unfortunately, it is entirely within the power of each shipping carrier to set their own rates.  Here's a definite truth........if we had the money, we'd go into the shipping business!


As such, we have decided to take matters into our own hands.  Although each carrier's set rates are out of our control, what we CAN do is take on a certain percentage of their rates in an effort to try to relieve at least some of that burden for our customers.


Therefore, for Canadian and U.S. purchases, we are further decreasing shipping rates by an additional 30% for a total of 40% off carrier rates while international rates have been decreased by 10%.  HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


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