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Our Happy Place!!!

Posted on June 13 2019

Our Happy Place!!!


What does the phrase "happy place" mean to you?  Maybe it involves an airplane, sandy beaches and blazing sun. How about the purchase of really comfy shoes for the "trek-across-Europe" trip of a lifetime?  For us, it takes the form of a rather unexpected oasis.....DISNEY WORLD!!!




A few years ago, we jetted off to the "Sunshine State" for what turned out to be the most wonderful trip of our lives!  Todd knew without any doubt that we would have a blast, but I had no idea how much the experience would come to mean to us.


First of all, why do any of us take vacations in the first place?  TO ESCAPE, of course!  It's about relaxation.....rejuvenation....."getting away from it all."  We definitely got away from it all......all the way back to being six years old again!  IT WAS AMAZING!


Disney has most definitely perfected the art of FANTASY.  The first characters we saw were Pluto and Goofy..........the lines for pictures with them were MASSIVE, but everyone was determined to get up close and personal with their Disney favorites.  For me, it was Donald Duck.  I LOVE THAT GUY!  Pluto was right up there in my top five must-hugs.



Todd's favorite duo is Chip & Dale.  Perfectly fitting, too, considering the dedicated troublemaker that Todd's DNA demands of him.



What made it so special and continues to keep us smiling and planning our return trip was the emotion enveloping each character encounter, each trip down Memory Lane.  We'd see little kids following their "makeovers" into their favorite heroes and princesses and relive what it felt like when we, ourselves, were knee-high to a grasshopper watching Walt Disney every Sunday evening.  What's more magical than Disney???  SUCH HAPPY MEMORIES!


We have a game we play all the time where I'll say, "Guess where I wish I was."  Todd then runs through the list of our favorite places..........Disney World is always his top guess.  I"ll say, "Nope."


He'll say, "Yes."


That's why we do what we do.  It takes us back to our happy place.  Everyone needs a happy place.............that place to escape to where you mellow out and forget all of your troubles for awhile.  What does your happy place not only look like, but how does it sound?  Are there certain sounds that are not a part of your everyday life?  How does it smell?  Does it have certain scents, aromas?  Does the air feel a certain way?  Do cultural differences play a part in the fabric of your oasis?


We're not saying permanently relocate to the recesses of your fantasy mind, but your "happy place" can definitely be a means for a quick "boost" when life's pressures start to become a bit too heavy........that and a quick fact-finding trip to your local travel agent!


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