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Now THAT'S Great TV!

Posted on April 17 2019

Now THAT'S Great TV!


On the radio the other day was an ongoing discussion addressing the topic, "What is the best TV series of all time?"  Todd and I threw in our votes and argued about the validity of each one.


I vote, and ALWAYS maintain, M*A*S*H is THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!  Where so many shows have come and gone, M*A*S*H lives on.  It was such a great series! I mean who didn't break down over the final episode or at least get a little misty?  Seems like the Korean War went on for eleven years!  Hawkeye, Hot Lips, Trapper, Radar, Frank, Henry, Klinger, Colonel Potter.............the list goes on.  Endearing characters!


Then there's The X-Files!  We love that show so much that we keep re-watching episodes over and over as white noise while we work in the warehouse because we don't have to actually watch the screen.  We know EXACTLY what's happening at any given time!  We got to know Mulder and Scully over the years so intimately that they almost feel like family............ridiculous, I know, but that's great TV!


Let's not forget The Flintstones!  I mean who from our generation that went home for lunch every day DIDN'T watch The Flintstones from 12 to 12:30?  It was created as an adult cartoon, but every kid I grew up with watched it faithfully every noon hour if they were lucky enough to get to go home!


We both agree these are definitely in the top ten without doubt, but there are others that qualify for that GREATS list.  Let's make a list (in no particular order, mind you):


  • Little House On the Prairie
  • Star Trek (ALL OF THEM!)
  • The Walking Dead
  • LOST
  • Sons Of Anarchy
  • Supernatural


We reserved the final position, the LAST BUT NOT LEAST, for Game Of Thrones! We LOVE that show!  What an amazing creation!  The character development is exceptional, the intertwining story lines are intricate and unpredictable and the set creations are second to none.  Every detail is PERFECT.  The only complaint we have is that they didn't make the first episode of season 8 longer!


We have some pretty awesome Game Of Thrones products for you on the site, but the coolest one, and we didn't even realize how cool it actually is, is the  Game Of Thrones Pop-up Guide to Westeros.  SO COOL!


Todd started taking the product photos of the book with its pop-ups of the various kingdoms and significant locations in the in and of itself.  But THEN he discovered the true gem within the covers.  It actually folds out to a 3D MAP OF THE KINGDOMS!!!  Coolest thing ever!!!




It's always rather fascinating how "attached" we get to fictional characters and the emotional impact it often has when we "lose" them.  What a blow it was when Ned Stark was executed!  Or when so many Starks were lost in one fell swoop......and who wasn't touched by the demise of their beloved Hodor?




Check out the rest of our awesome GAME OF THRONES gems and see for yourself what treasures they are!


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